Sunday, 10 February 2013

Day 10: February's Fire Sale

Sunday is a good day for clearing stuff.

I have found recently that my studio is becoming more and more crowded with paintings, especially since I moved to a shared space with less wall space for displaying them. So,  I have decided to hold a little February sale of some of my older paintings, as well as some drawings and small study works that might never make it to a gallery show. I am sure that some galleries will not approve of these types of sales, but the only paintings I release this way have been to many shows and have returned to me unsold. I appreciate that this does make a painting a bad one. It only means that the people that love it, just cannot quite afford to pay the gallery price, which includes up to 50% commission.

Storage is becoming an issue in the studio!

I feel that I would rather that some of these works went to the good homes of my friends, rather than gathering dust in my storage unit, or even worse, being painted over for new works.

This week's Fire Sale girl is to be my Cheeky Angel. She's a little risque, so not to everyone's taste, but I think she brings a smile to the face with her naughty behaviour. The painting is oil on canvas, 24 x 30cm and is inspired by the burlesque performer Wild Card Kitty.

Cheeky Angel, oil on canvas, 24 x 30cm
The painting comes with a white painted whistler wood frame with gold insert, for a bit of added glamour. The background is shimmering gold artist's oil colour so it changes with the light.

The idea of the 'Fire Sale' is each painting chosen is offered for a blind bidding auction for one week only. The starting price is always £50, regardless of the size or media of the painting. I have said that this size of painting usually sells in a gallery for £650, so I am accepting bids from £50 for her, unframed, or if the bids exceed £200, I will supply the work framed. Postage, if required, will be extra at cost.

If you'd like to put in a bid before 5pm on 17th February, then feel free to email me directly at, or on my facebook page at
I have 3 bids already, so good luck, if you decide to play!

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