Friday, 1 February 2013

Day 1 blog challenge: My big hied by Rouge One

OK, so last year there was a great challenge for February, 28 Drawings Later, based on doing a drawing every day for the 28 days of the month. As I have been slacking a bit on my blog posts, I am going to use February as the month to get me into the habit of writing more, and during this month, every day!

So to start, I'd like to introduce you to myself via the 'Faces of Glasgow' project concocted by ArtPistol online gallery and group. The idea was for people to send in a picture of themselves, from which a variety would be selected to be reproduced at a large scale on hoardings on Argyle Street, Glasgow. The artist is Rouge One, a Glasgow based grafitti artist.

There is more and more of this type of art popping up all over the city and I personally love it. I'd much prefer to have this injection of colour and humour onto our streets, than scabby hoardings with random posters stuck to them.

This shot gives an idea of the size of these heads. There are famous people like Lulu and Limmy, as well as everyday Glaswegians like myself, but all pulling strange faces! I am not sure mine is a real likeness, although many people I know have recognised me. And before you get the wrong idea about me, I am far from being a vain person (as anyone that has heard me bemoaning painting myself this month will testify) and it was in fact my artist friend, Moe Rocksmoore, that submitted the pic from my facebook profile.

And finally, here is me against the artwork. I am wearing a helmet as I cycle from the station to my studio. It's not that I'm into strange headgear or anything like that!

So keep and eye on this space. I'll be chatting about all kinds of events in February as well as covering my alla prima portrait project, finishing a self portrait for a competition, new printmaking techniques, openings and general day to day happenings.


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