Friday, 4 May 2012

A Brush With Burlesque

I have been neglecting this blog, but only because I have been stupidly busy with creating new work for A Brush With Burlesque show in London, organsied by Mark and Sarah Bell of Kinky & Quirky productions.
Originally the exhbition was to be 6 artists, but as there are so few outlets for showing burlesque inspired art, the number of people involved grew to 12 in total. Mark himself was also showing 8 stunning portraits of his favourite performers, dancing in the setting of his own club nights.

I deliberated over what to send, but practicality won out and I sent a selection of smaller works alongside 3 key larger pieces. One of these was my brand new portrait of Daiquiri Dusk, which I have named Popcorn & Corsets, after the theme of her act.

Popcorn & Corsets, Oil on canvas, 60 x 80cm

 I had been feeling for some time that my work had taken a dark turn and I had lost all my love of colour that I once had. Perhaps it was the greyness of the Glasgow weather, or the current fashion in Scottish figure painting for realistic, limited palette work that had influenced me. But moving into a new light filled studio in the city centre, I was inspired to try something more vibrant, and less safe. I am very pleased with the final painting, but it is very much a starting point for a new line of work I am embarking on.

Me posing with my paintings, wearing my Vivienne of Holloway dress

Cherry Shakewell and Vicky Butterfly have a chat in front of my work
Here is a shot of the press opening night in full swing. There were many folks from the burlesque royalty, including one of my favourite models, Beatrix Von Bourbon of BGT fame and Vivienne of Holloway, who makes such fabulous dresses!

The show is open for just over another week, until 13th May 2012 as part of the London Burlesque Festival, so pop along if you can.

A Brush with Burlesque
The East Gallery
Brick Lane, London

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