Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Original Temptation painting STOLEN!!

I had some very bad news yesterday that one of my favourite paintings has been stolen right off a gallery wall.

I have a large show of work up at the Virginia Gallery in Glasgow, along with some work of invited artist friends. I got the call from the distraught gallery owner, that the little 30 x 30 cm box canvas painting was missing and that they were talking to the police. While they were making the police report, they noticed that a life sized ceramic head sculpture by Margaret Fraser had also been taken.

I just don't know what kind of folks can walk into a gallery and do that. In some ways I should be flattered that they chose that particular piece, but in others I am angry with myself, as I nearly didn't include it in the show, as I fancied keeping it for myself.
Some paintings are just special to you as an artist, and this was one of them. Now it has been taken and I don't even know who has it, or whether it is treasured or discarded in a bin somewhere.

It makes me very sad as someone probably saw the £700 price tag on the wall and thought it was a bit steep. But when you think that I only get 50% of that after gallery commission, then I take off the canvas, paint and  framing costs, travel costs for delivery, then I pay for a studio to be heated and lighted, I pay for models and attend regular life drawing classes for training and it took about 30 hours to paint, that I really don't get that much in the end. I am beginning to wonder why I am doing it at all!

I have a vain hope that maybe the CCTV will show the culprits and the painting will be recovered. If it is, It is going on my wall and never coming down again!

As a two fingered response, I have organised the printing of small giclee prints for sale at the show instead. Hopefully I will recover a little money from the sale of those instead.


  1. I've posted on my blog too, I really hope bot artworks are recovered. I'll certainly want to buy a print too. Fingers crossed for you!

  2. I knew you didn't make a lot from your paintings but I don't think I realised just how little - or how much it costs to put them into galleries.

    I really hope it comes back in one piece, Fiona. It's one of my favourites of yours too. If I had the money I'd buy something else of yours to cheer you up a bit!! For them to take the sculpture too is just unbelievable.

    It's so terrible that someone would do this without any regard for the consequences.

    Carrie xx