Thursday, 21 April 2011

Having an mid-Art crisis

This week has shown very slow progress. I think after puting everything into the BP portait competition and then the Axolotl show, I have been feeling a little like vacuum. I have been trying to paint, but nothing good seems to be coming out and I start to question whether I should be a painter at all. I am afraid what will follow will be a bit of a rant.
This feeling of inadequecy is compounded by the fact that the portrait of Trevor got rejected from BP (not really surprising since you only get a 2.39% chance of getting in) but also from my local art competition, The Paisley Art Institute Annual Exhibition. I just paid £15 to receive a letter saying there wasn't enough room for my paintings in their exhibition. All in all I am up to about £150 in exhibiiton fees and travel costs this year alsone, just to be told I am not good enough to be part of their clubs.
I am really at a loss. I am told I need to get into establishments in order to progress but the constant rejection is becomeing too big a cloud over what I do. I might try some collage or some sculpture, to have a break from painting for a while...or I might just go and look for a proper job.


  1. Don't give up hope! Something bigger and better will be around the corner xxx

  2. We artists in Canada are feeling the same and have been very active in trying to think outside the box and take control of our own careers. The once a year 350 artist open studios I ran for 11 years is very successful. Not always sales that weekend but definitely clients from that event during the year. (10,000 people now come to the event) and the other thing I just started is First Saturday Open Studios....very casual...most of us don't do the big clean up we do for the Crawl and look at it as a time to be in the studio and do some work and have our door open for the occasional visitor. We have all had some sales. There are about 8 of us artists involved right now and we just advertise to our own lists and use a facebook event page (First Saturday Open Studios) for people to find out which artists are participating. One other event I organized was for Arnt who uses airplane and helicopter parts in his contemporary furniture and I paired him with a painter of planes. I got corporate sponsorship and a donated venue (which was an airplane hangar) and went for new clients that are interested in that subject. The point of me telling you this is that these events are run by artists and not relying on anyone else....just a couple of suggestions...don't give are so talented...but I also agree sometimes trying another medium gives yourself inspiration!