Thursday, 24 February 2011

BP portrait competition 2011

So after my last post, I have decided to try again for the BP portrait exhibition. It is about a 1% or 2% chance of getting into the exhibition (never mind winning anything) but it is such a great standard, that to be included would be a fanstastic honour. I enter a lot of competitions, usually just because it is the thing to do, but this one is different - the quality of the work in the BP portrait competition is always consistently high and to be accepted would be a real achievement.

So after deliberating over what to paint, my husband suggested I paint him, as he wanted to be portrayed as he was, before he got too old etc! Much as I love him, I was reluctant, for one good reason....he cannot sit still! At all. Ever. So a deal was struck. He would sit in the living room and watch Top Gear on the telly while I drew.

The top image is of sketches made from life (over three different telly sessions) and the one below is of a colour study from a photo and another sketch.
This planning is showing a new way I am trying to work. I am tired of replicating photographs and hope by doing the sketches that some of the life of the model will be preserved into the final painting. Before I go, here is the final study at 30 x 40cm for the bigger painting.

Wish me luck!

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